Welcome to the Munich Volunteer Fire Department!

Get involved in volunteering: The Munich Volunteer Fire Department

The fire department of the state capital Munich consists of the Professional Fire Department and the Volunteer Fire Department. The professional department is distributed over ten stations in the city, the volunteers over 22 locations. In addition, there are five Works Fire Services in Munich. All Munich fire departments are organized in the City Fire Department Association.

The training and operation resources of the professionals and volunteers are largely identical. They often work together at the same locations. The Munich Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1866 and is called out about 4,000 times a year. In 2016, the anniversary was celebrated in a big way. In the meantime, more than 1,300 Munich residents have volunteered with the Munich Volunteer Fire Department.

Youth work and promotion of young talent: The Munich Youth Fire Department

The Munich Youth Fire Department is the junior organization of the Munich Volunteer Fire Department. There are five groups of the Youth Fire Department in Munich. Interested people from the age of twelve can discover the world of the fire department in an age-appropriate way.

Through firefighter-related activities, the young people are introduced to the tasks in the fire department and learn the first mission-relevant basics. Group lessons, sports and leisure activities as well as tent camps accompany the program of the Munich Youth Fire Department.

From the age of 16, the young men and women can take part in firefighting operations, up to the age of majority still outside the danger zone alongside experienced firefighting colleagues.

Your contribution: How can you participate?

To become a member of the Munich Volunteer Fire Department, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You live in Munich and you are registered here. As a refugee, you have a secure residence status.
  • You can speak and write in German (language level B1).
  • Your health suitability is proven by a medical examination.
  • You have a minimum level of physical fitness.

You will first undergo several years of basic firefighting training, which will be completed alongside school or work. As a member of the Munich Volunteer Fire Department, you will be provided with personal equipment and will be required to participate regularly in training events and operations.

Are you interested?

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